FordPass Pro

Introducing FordPass Pro

FordPass Pro – the app that will transform the way you look after your van or fleet. Look after up to five vehicles, with tools to help you keep them healthy, secure and running smoothly. Download the app below and get in contact with our staff at our Cardiff based Transit Centre if you have any issues or questions. The FordPass Pro App should be installed on the day of vehicle collection to get the best out of the fantastic technology that’s offered. Aside from the FordPass Pro UK App, there is also the FordPass app UK for cars, browse our car website for more information.

Download the FordPass Pro app

The FordPass Connect Modem

Our latest models now come with the FordPass Connect Modem built in, as well as used vehicles with the FordPass app, making your control of your vehicle more powerful than ever before. Just some of the key features made possible by the FordPass Connect Modem include:

  • In-Vehicle WiFi hotspot – Connect a maximum of ten devices to the hotspot making long car journeys full of entertainment for all of your passengers.
  • eCall – You can automatically place a phone call to the emergency services and provide them with your vehicle’s location.
  • Local Hazard Information – Alerting you to local driving hazards, helping you to plan better and avoid any delays.

Models fitted with the Connect Modem

The FordPass compatible vehicles UK include the following:

Fiesta Van – Standard | Connect – Optional across the range | Custom; Leader – Optional, Trend, Limited & Sport – Standard | Transit 363 – Standard across the range | Transit Minibus – Standard across the range | Ranger; Standard across the range but excludes XL, and optional in XLT.

Check the health of your vehicles

Get alerted if there are any issues

Access your vehicle remotely

FordPass Pro Feature Overview

Learn about all of the intuitive features and how the app can transform how you manage your van or small fleet alongside the FordPass Connect app.

Adding a Vehicle to Your App

See how easy it is to link a new vehicle from the FordPass Connect modem to your FordPass Pro app.

Check in

With instant access to the most important information on each of your vehicles, it’s easy to stay on top of maintenance. You can check your tyre pressures on the FordPass App – the app will let you know to top them up if they’re running low, helping reduce wear and tear and improving fuel economy. You can also see your AdBlue level so you’ll always know when you need to refill.

Stay Connected

FordPass Pro is designed for new commercial vehicles that come with FordPass Connect. Our built-in modem keeps you effortlessly connected with your vehicles wherever you are. Giving you all the features you need to keep your business moving.

Take control

For a peace of mind, you can lock your vehicle wherever you are ensuring everything is safe and secure via FordPass Pro Guard Mode. A bonus with automatic vehicles, you can even start the engine from the app, to warm up for those early morning starts. Just open your command centre with a tap to control your vehicle remotely.

Get alerted

If any issues arise with your vehicles, you’ll be alerted. That way, you can deal with them and avoid surprise costs later on. Plus, if you’ve got an MOT or service due, you’ll be notified of that too. The FordPro app is designed to help you plan ahead and ensure your vehicles are kept on the road.

Need any help or support with FordPass? Get in touch with us below