FordPass Pro

FordPass Pro allows you to look after up to five vehicles, with tools to help you keep them healthy, secure and running smoothly. So you can focus on the work.

FordPass Pro is a dedicated new app for those who rely on their vehicles for their work, enabling them to manage up to five Ford vehicles from a single screen. The app provides the tools business need to manage their fleet within a single intuitive interface. FordPass Pro UK is also available for cars, FordPass app UK, which you can read about on our car website.

“Time is precious for small business owners, which is why we focus on delivering simple technology solutions that we know will make a big difference,” said Richard Bunn, FordPass director, Ford Mobility Europe. “The new FordPass Pro app will help our customers spend less time managing their vehicles and more time making their business a success.”

How to download the FordPass Pro app?

To activate the app go to the Google Play or Apple App Store, find and download the FordPass Pro App.

What features does the FordPass Pro app have?

  • Check In

Giving you in instant access to the most important information on each of your vehicles, it’s easy to stay on top of maintenance. You can check your tyre pressures in the app, so you know to top them up if they’re running low, helping reduce wear and tear and improving fuel economy. You can also see your AdBlue level, meaning you’ll always know when you need to refill.

  • Vehicle Location

Lets owners know where their vehicles are at the beginning or end of the day, and help drivers find their vans in busy car parks or work locations.

  • Take Control

Ford peace of mind, lock your vehicle wherever you are to make sure everything is safe and secure. Providing you reassurance that vehicles and their contents are safe, enabling independent security for both the cabin and load compartment. There is also remote start on automatic vehicles that lets owners remotely start the engine – ideal for ensuring vans are warmed, de-iced and ready for work on early morning shifts.

  • Vehicle Health

Allows visibility of key vehicle health indicators include fuel levels, oil life, and tyre pressure, helping owners reduce wear and tear and improve fuel economy.

  •  Get Alerted

If issues arise with any of your vehicles, you’ll be alerted. That way, you can deal with them avoid surprise costs later on, Plus, if you’ve got an MOT or service due, you’ll be notified of that too. Helping you plan ahead and keep your vehicles on the road.

  •  Keep Track

Are your vehicles where they should be? Now you’ll know. Check in throughout the day, or when you’re heading home, with their most recent locations all plotted on one map. So when the work day’s done you can rest assured everything is safe and in the right place.

Will new features be added to the FordPass Pro app?

New features and enhancements are being added to FordPass Pro regularly. Some upcoming features include a heightened security FordPass Pro Guard Mode which will allow owners of vehicles equipped with the FordPass Connect on-bard modem to be alerted about any activity in their van – including if they are unlocked with a key – providing an additional layer of security and confidence. The FordPass Connect Modem is one of the more recent features added, and the FordPass Connect app continues to be innovating. Service Booking will help owners to proactively manage the maintenance of their vehicles. To see which FordPass compatible vehicles UK are allowed, visit the FordPass Pro page located on our website for easy reading.

To find out more about FordPass Pro, enquire via the contact us page, use the live chat feature or simply call us on 02920 223 100. You can also read our blog and browse Ford’s Official website for more FordPass Pro features.