Fordthorne Mobile Servicing

Your most asked questions about the Ford Mobile Servicing:


What is Mobile Servicing?

Ford Mobile Service is made for businesses. Wherever you are and when needed, whether its Inverness or Truro, the Ford Mobile Service allows you to have any and every vehicle serviced.

What do I get if I use Ford Mobile Service?

When you book a Ford Mobile Service, you’ll be getting everything you’d expect from a service at Ford as if you were at the dealership, but from the comfort of your own offices. With the Ford Mobile Service we have our very own qualified Ford technicians using genuine Ford parts which ensures the service received is only the very best.

What features does the Ford Mobile Service have?

At Fordthorne Transit Centre our Ford Mobile Service is stocked with all the latest technologies that will make servicing your fleet of vehicles a piece of cake. If you need Warranty Work, that’s absolutely fine. If it’s Service Actions you require, that can be arranged. Or if it’s simply recalls that you need addressing, it’s no problem when it comes to the Ford Mobile Service.

Key features include

  • Up-to-date Midtronics Battery tester supports the latest Ford new technology batteries.
  • Latest Ford Diagnostic Equipment with (4G network support) – full diagnostic capability for all Ford vehicles.
  • Specialist vacuum pump equipment provides a safer and easier removal of engine oil through the dipstick.

Why is Ford Mobile Servicing the right service for my business?

At Ford, we understand one of the most important things when it comes to our clients’ business is productivity. We don’t want your fleet off the road any longer than you do, so we focus on minimising downtime. The Ford Mobile Service offers you appointments that fit around your schedule, catered to when you need us to service your vehicles and how many vehicles need servicing. Each vehicle can service up to 4 or 5 vans per day depending on what work is required.

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